Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Recovery Continues one Month to the day of Surgery

June 3rd 2018

Morris ended up being in the hospital nearly 2 wks. minus one day.  The main thing we were waiting for was his Blood thinner meds to stabilize.  They couldn't take out the Heparin IV until his INR readings were stable to go from IV blood thinners to Pill form.

He does not sleep in the hospital an another two weeks was making him crazy from lack of sleep.  Since he has been home, he has had home health care again and will start out patient Cardiac Rehab this week, June 6th.  It has been beautiful weather and we even ran down to St. George again for a minute.  I got lots of cleaning done down there and it happened to be not too hot, in fact really nice down there.  It was hailing and raining up here.   We went down on Thurs. before Memorial Day Monday and came home tues.  It was a nice break and got our car registered and some other things done like picking up his BiPAP cord he left there.

He is still very weak and tired and has some slow brain moments but is making really good progress. We feel so blessed to be at this point and look back wondering how we did it but know it was through the Grace of God and all the angels here and on the other side who have sustained us.

We even went to See "Music Man "with the Dennis and Joanne Smith's.  It was kind of them to invite us.   It was almost too long for Morris but he was a trooper.  We especially liked it cause when We were in Hight School, we perfomed it and it brought back so many fun memories.  Morris played in the orchestra and I helped as a Tigerette. " Good night my someone Goodnight my love"

Adyson graduated from High School, rather Walked with her class, she has been out of HighSchool since January. This made everything official and it was a good day.  Ill post those pictures next time.
 a few days after surgery and smiling with a ton of tubes going everywhere.  Later when he was ready to go home and making the rounds walking.  He said, " Does this IV Pole make my Butt Look BIG"
HAHAHA... Still has his sense of humor.   The day he had to be shocked out of A Fib was quite the experience.  They call it Cardio Conversion but it looks just like the Movies with the paddles being placed, saying Clear!! then wham!!! it was scary to say the least.

Connor's BD Pictures

 Connor is riding a bike ... finally but he did it by himself and when he was ready.  Yeah Connor!!!
 This was the day before Poppies Surgery so everyone was anxious to show him how much he is loved

 Kami has been such good support to her Dad and me during these last few months.  Kortney and Cody and their family also have been amazing .  Love them all so much!!!!!

 I took this to show how long Tatum's hair is.... Beautiful just like her Mommy's.
 wanted an ice cream cake that was really good.  Invited cousins, Cody's sister Lori and her family , they are a great family.  Sheila came also .  It was interesting seeing her again.
what a great 11 year old this boy is.  Drives his mom crazy but , heck, isn't that what they are supposed to do.  He does have scary issues to drive her more crazy than usual with his type 1 diabetes and other brain functions that kid has.  But boy do we love him.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Back track, Tatum's Birthday Feb. 21st , Dad in Rehab and other Pictures from March April

I want to back track for a moment and talk about Connor.  Because Dad was in the hospital on his actual birthday, his mom put his party the Day before.  As it turned out this actually almost backfired on us because Dad was scheduled for heart Cath and Tee for the day of his party, May 1st.  We were planning on going to Syracuse to a party place with all sorts of Activities after the tests.  When we showed up at the Cath Lab,  it was realized that there was no way he would be done in time to get to the birthday party.  The staff and Doc's at the Cath lab worked their miracles and said we could leave after the TEE which was the shortest procedure and then come back the next day to have the Angio Heart Cath since he had to be admitted that day anyway .... So the birthday was back on for us.  YEAH.   He had already missed Tatums Party on Feb. 21st due to the Emergency.  Which I should also put her party in this post.

 Tatum wanted a Peppa Pig Party AT.... HER NANA and Poppies HOUSE.  WE made that happen even though Her Poppie couldn't be there.  She kept saying , " Poppie will be better soon."  The Party went forward and She had a Great Tine with so Much Peppa Pig Stuff it was overwhelming.

 Because she was at our house all the Cody Greenes were part of the fun Activities.
Later I took her swimming when we had Poppie home between Hospitalizations.
 Golfing in ReHaB

 Susan Jensen Murray brought Beautiful Daffodils  that were buds and in 24 hrs. were these they brought sunshine in that room for many days.
 Adyson's Prom Date a cute guy named Joel who is actually 2 yrs. younger than her.
 We took two quick trips to St. George before Surgery to be greeted by friends and well wishers. The Bryants and Nicols made Sunday Dinner for us it was so nice and fun to feel a little normal for a moment.
 These sores have been a big part of his recovery caused by edema that blistered and became open wounds taking wks and months to heal.
 Taken the Sunday before Surgery, had a wonderful Priesthood Blessing and trying not to freak about the days to come.  Love this man.!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Surgery Day has Come and gone

my man ready for church with scriptures in hand, hasn't been doing his regular scripture study for a ton of reasons, mainly, he hasn't been able to concentrate too well.
These pictures were taken on the Sunday before his surgery. Got to go to church for the first time in forever, It was so nice.  Everyone was so nice and happy to see him.

So we went to the hospital and had a TEE done and then on to Connor's B.D. Party which was scheduled for the day before his birthday so Poppie could come.  We Went to a fun place right by their house and had a great time. Pictures will come soon.

The Next day we went to cath lab early for the Heart Cath.  This took all day and was admitted that same day.  They found blood clots in his legs and what looked like a needed bypass.

The next day, SURGERY DAY , MAY 3rd Thursday. Kortney, Cody and All their kids were there bright and early, 7:00 Am to see Dad before his scheduled 7:30 Surgery. Kami came as soon as Connor was off to school and Tatum stayed with her dad.

IT was a long grueling day of 8 hrs. of Surgery and 2 more hrs. in Recovery before we were able to go in and see him briefly.  He looked actually very good. Exhausting day but glad it was over.

It is now 1 wk and a day later in the hospital where he continues to heal.  One tube out at a time.  Today he will need another  procedure to Shock his heart out of A Fib which he continues to be in.
hopefully this will work well.  He is also getting his blood thinners stabilized for continued use for at least 6 months and maybe life.  We are hoping he will not need a pace maker put in.

This guy has been through so much and we hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Im going to switch gears.  MY SISTER, LOLA is a major worry in my heart and mind.  She has been so sick and continues with her lung issues. She had to be admitted again in April but got treated fast so she didn't have to stay more than a week.  She is so done and feels her life quality is getting worse.  She is done fighting.  My heart aches for her and her family.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Our life as it is continues in Beautiful ways

Today is April 29th , An absolutely Stunning Spring Sabbath Morning.  Oh How Lovely is this morning.  We continue to be showered in Love and Support as we continue the journey that was begun on Feb. 17th.  Morris has made amazing improvements, we have so enjoyed our time together even running away for two short trips to St. George where we were greeted and loved by our dear friends there.  Ginny Bryant and Diana Nicols prepared a wonderful dinner for us on Sunday while we were there.

My   71st Birthday was very fun.  We came home in time to get Tatum from Front runner and have her for a sleep over.  I took her swimming. and Began an intense Potty Training Session.  She has had some major issues with holding in her BM's and seeing Peds Gastro Doc's etc etc.  Hopefully she can get her brain and body on board and get this taken care of.  She was doing great with "leaking" in the toilet as she calls it. HaHa, she is so dang cute!!!  On my Birthday, I went to Sierra's Softball game.  She is now on a High School Varsity Team with West Jordan and pitching!!! She isn't even out of middle school yet.  I received TONS of notes, calls, Messages which were so heart warming.  I don't think I deserve all this attention. Pat and Terri took us out to dinner and it was so fun. First real Social outing for us not counting St. George.

We also had a visit from our Stake President, John Monson and our Bishop , Derek Taylor to our home.  They stayed for 2 plus hours which was unbelievable, we kept hinting that they could leave but No they kept on and on.   It was a fun evening for us.

Morris's legs are healing well, he is sleeping much better, he looks amazing and went to Sacrament meeting for the first time and was greeted warmly by all.
Our Infectious Disease Doctor released him and took away some meds, yeah.  Our Surgeon is ready to do surgery.

We have a TEE and Heart Cath scheduled for May 1st, Admit on 2nd and Surgery on May 3rd. YIKES  were pretty nervous but have no "OUT" on this.  His brain is doing amazing !!! has some major Short term memory issues but otherwise functions great.  He has even Driven some.

We have done everything possible to get everything in order and organized to prepare for this very risky and difficult surgery.  May the Lord be with all who work on him.  He is in his HANDS.
I'm feeling anxious but calm in a weird way.  We have had so many miracles and blessings thus far.  We can only have faith to go forward and feel our Saviors Love which we do.

Friday, April 13, 2018

April 2018

Today is the 13th of April, Friday the 13th Actually.  But Today is a lucky day for us.  Mo got his PIC line out today and is free of IV's since he first became ill.  After he came home from Rehab, his legs and whole body retained tons of water and he was so fatigued.  Part of this is from the pick line and sodium pills he still has to take even though they have been cut in half and his lasix  has been doubled with Potassium added to balance out electrolytes.  part of it from his Heart not functioning well.
The thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Clayson wants to do Surgery ASAP but his lesions on his legs need to heal and he needs to get stronger.
Dr. Mark Oliver(infectious Disease Doc.) saw him and will see him again after the PiC is removed.
Dr. Fowles saw him and freaked with how his legs looked.  He can be kinda Gruff but Morris knows him Well and before we left, He gave Morris the Biggest Hug and was so kind.  Morris has been having PT,  Nurse visits, speech therapy and going to Infusion center daily 7 days a week to change his portable drip bag besides the Dr. Visits.

The Angio on his brain vessels showed NO aneurysm which is such a blessing. His Vessels look good which gives them a green light to do surgery.  The MRI Brain showed some healing from his emboli.

I got really sick the day he had his ANGIO and was so miserable with fever, chills and chest pain
I just could NOT afford to be sick and prayed for a miracle to be healed.  I went to bed and took tons of medications and slept 3 hrs. in the afternoon and all Night waking feeling much better, no fever!! Thank you Dear Lord for this miracle.  I have had just viral symptoms since and have done everything I needed to do to care for My Morris Love. We have Cherished out times together as we have had to have some different realities face us, hopefully all temporary.

During all of this my sister, Lola, has gotten weaker and sicker, she is now in the Hospital but hopefully not too long.  My Family have all been so supportive with calls and prayers and visits on many occasions .  We have also been blessed with dear friends from every walk of life, my School friends, Terry and Gayle, Our St. George Friends especially Ginny Bryant who has acted as liaison  for the group, And Many Ward friends here, Al, Carol, Al& Susan, Terri and Pat. Our High Priest Group Leader Nat Merrill, and Morris's weight watchers group and exercise group, The Duffields.   Judy and Randy Berg along with Pat and Steve and Bert. We truly have been blessed, so Many fasting and Prayers and thoughts and gifts and food and cards, etc. etc. It has been so humbling.

My Cousin ,Jerry Jensen who had a spinal cord injury 1 &1/2 yrs ago suddenly slumped over in his Wheel chair and died. What a sad thing that has been. But what an amazing funeral.  Kortney and Sierra tended Dad and took him to infusion so i could go.  our Kids have been unbelievable but yet , I know how amazing they are. Kortney has brought tons of food weekly and Kami came and did some shopping even though her life is very complicated always. We are so grateful for our kids and all who have been kind and loving to us.

Morris has been helping me understand his bank accounts and business issues .  Sometimes I feel he has been spared to do these things to prepare me, but we decided we would prepare for the worst and plan on the BEST case scenerio.  Whatever, the outcome we know we are in the Lord's Hands and we will have faith that Thy Will Be Done.

Next on line is to meet with the Infectious Disease Doc. and Thoracic Surgeon next week to probably schedule Surgery.  It makes me so sad to see him come so far an then be put back in the Hospital.  We do see Heart Failure symptoms so we know it is not an option to wait.  He has lost almost 30 lbs of water retention over the past few weeks and he can move so much better now.  He is not Sleeping well still but doing a little better. hopefully now with the PIC line out, it will be better.

I testify of our Savior's love and atoning sacrifice for us and am so thankful for the knowledge and understanding We have of the eternal plan of salvation afforded us and all.  My heart is so full with gratitude and thanksgiving for The Gospel Plan.  I love my husband and want him by my side for many years to come.  We "celebrated" our 49th anniversary on April 2nd and renewed out love and devotion for one another.  Ginny Bryant and St. George friends sent a yummy edible arrangement which was so appreciated.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Update on Morris's Health issues

Today is March 23, 2018.  Today we brought my adorable husband home for the first time in 5 plus wks.  He has been at the U of U. Rehab hospital for 2 plus weeks and has been working hard to get his strength up and his mental capacities where they are improving.  He will still need out patient Infusion therapy daily and "In Home Therapy" for I don't know how long.  HE has come so far but still has a long road ahead.  It is so nice to have him home instead of going to hospital daily and coming home exhausted .  Hopefully he can sleep now he's home which is an impossibility in a hospital.  I feel so grateful for all the people who have prayed, visited, brought flowers, etc etc. it has been totally overwhelming and so appreciated.

 Next week, we will take him for a Brain MRI, Cerebral Angiogram and a visit with his Thoracic Surgeon to see where we are with his heart and brain.   The hope is that he can continue to heal without needing surgery right a way.

Retired Life Begins

Retired Life Begins

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My man and me

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