Thursday, March 1, 2018

LIFE CAN CHANGE ON A DIME, Feb.17 2018 to who knows????

I hate to report today's events but am so grateful also.   On Valentines , we were in St. George and had been practicing for our Floor Show Valentines Dance Line Dance and Waltz.  It was really fun.
We were planning on coming home on the following Tues.  Tatum wanted her 4th birthday to be at Nana and Poppies House.  There was some bad weather in the Forecast. Valentines was on a Wednesday.  We looked at the forecast and decided it would be best roads to go home Early Sat.Morning.  So that is what we did.  Mo drove home in the SSR without any concerns.  We got home about 12:00 and unpacked etc etc.  Everything  was normal.

About 4:00 pm he said he was feeling Flu like, Chills, warm, body aches.So he took ibuprofen and went to bed.  He slept ok but was chilling and sweating like crazy, I kept fever reducers in him.
Sunday Woke up feeling worse.  I took him to my insta-care as early as could.  They thought flu. fever 101.   Gave him Tamiflu.  Went to bed, very weak. worn completely out. Back to bed.
woke him up a few hrs. later to ask him about his meds.  He was very confused.  Passed all stroke tests. called Kortney to come over and see his behavior.  Called Doc. to see if maybe Tamiflu contra-indication.  He didn't think so and wanted him to go to ED.  We Went via car Kortney and Cody, Sierra and Adyson helping.  He spent all night in ED being totally out of it, pulling tubes etc. etc.

His temp was 105 getting more and more confused. very, very sick.  Tons of Tests of every kind to rule out meningitis, blood clot, stroke, UA infection, etc, etc.   nothing definitive Until theBlood cultures came back showing septic blood Bacteria MMSA which collected on his artificial valve and throughout his other organs. His heart threw a lot of tiny Emboli to his brain.  Causing all kinds of stroke type effects.  I have been so scared as has everyone who know and love him.

Team of Doctors: Attending, cardio, neuro, infectous disease Speciality have all been working 24/7 to get him stable.

He has been critically ill and unresponsive for a few days, feeding tubes, 02 constantly.  It is now 12 days at IMED and here is where we stand.

Tons of Blood work, TEE's to access Valve damage.  He is so much better mentally, but had not eaten or drank for 11 DAYS and was so dry.  Antibiotics for brain and heart which in turn can damage kidneys more but everything is a trade off.  He turned a corner a day or 2 ago and is now heading in the right direction.  The big worry is that Valve needs to be replaced his heart is being monitored by the second.  He would not be able to tolerate surgery, so the hope is to get him stable and Bacteria out of blood to be more able to withstand open-heart surgery.

He is almost completely normal mentally now, has a long way to go for other rehab. His right side of weaker than the left but seems better.  Was able to eat and drink for the first time after passing barium swallow test.  This has made him so much happier. but now he is NPO for a TEE study and he feels it is a set up. Poor guy, my heart is aching for him but we have had good conversations and he is not ready to give up.  I can't live without him and need him to recover and continue our life together.  Kortney and Kami have been totally amazing.
It has been horrible weather and so cold, Ive been doing things I would have never considered having to do.  He has had blessing and many tender mercies afforded us.  We have had tons of support from our friends , Ward, here and in St. George. I have been with him for the first days 24 hrs. then as I was totally exhausted, started going home at nights and coming back for 12-15 hr days.   Last night I stayed all night again because he had some oxygen issues causing the Doctorys and nurses to scramble and get him stable again.  He has done well since.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy NEW YEAR 2018

 I spent a day with Abbie and her cute kids .  Such Cuties.  The boys were just ready to turn 1

 Christmas Eve at the Greene's in their Jammies.Sarah is Wyatt's girl friend.
 Christmas Eve we went to Kami's and played some fun games.
 Beautiful little Tatum.  She is miss Personality and keeps us all smiling.
 Beautiful frosty Trees .  We have not had a normal snowy winter.  In fact , it has been unseasonably warm
 Sierra and I went to Temple square to see the lights.  We went on trax and had a fun evening.
 AND YES !!!! Connor got his Letterl Answered with a personal visit From Santa in his room.  He woke him up and Connor was totally Blown Away.!!!!      picture below is of Adyson and Sierra Greene who went during Christmas break to Oklahoma to do demolition on their home with their parents.  Mo and I spent a very quiet new years in St. George just doing exactly what we wanted.... NOTHING. and going to bed at 10:00 YES  WE ARE BORING.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Christmas 2017

we had a wonderful Christmas season.  I was busy decorating, Making Fudge, Cookies and all other joyful times with family and friends.  I made too many batches of fudge and will probably pay for the indulgences. the above tree was set up in St. George.
 I made two little trees for Connor and Tatum's rooms.
 The sideboard was decorated with nut crackers and Santa's and pictures of each grandchild with Santa.
 Connor wrote the most adorable letter to Santa .  Sure hopes he gets what he wants.  Can you believe?, his friends are telling him santa is not Real .... Are you kidding me.???No way. !!! I know he is real.
 This Nativity we bought in Singapore but really couldn't use it cause it wouldn't stand... So , I secured it on a piece of my copper back splash permanently.  I Love it!!!
 My center piece of Christmas.  All my Navities in one place ...note the star above my beautiful Daughter's pictures.
 Our previous tree was not working so well for the past few years so we bought a new tree and so love it.

I always put our family Bible out turned to Luke, Of Course , a little lamb to represent our shepherd, the Lamb of God.  We are all a lost lamb in many ways.

 kitchen decorations
 Downstairs decorations

Idea I have to make on a later date from Mom Told's old jewelry.   We'll see how long it takes me to complete. hopefully before next  Christmas??

Monday, December 18, 2017

November 2017

 The Kids, Diane Keller, Carolyn Riches, Maggie Wright and Herb Cutler.
 Beautiful St. George in November  We left the funeral in Northern California and drove down the coast visiting the Hurst Castle and many beautiful sites before ending up in our Place in St. George for a week of golf and resting.

 Heading back home to prepare for Thanksgiving.  This year it was small but sweet. We had Kami and her family and Cody and Kortney and their kids stopped in for a visit before heading to Judy and Rick's for dinner.  It was last year we all spent the season of thanksgiving week in Mexico on the Family Cruise , I can't believe it has been a year since we were in CABO.

 We went with the Greene family to Temple Square and saw the BELL's Concert in the Tabernacle and ate and visited City Creek Mall for a meal.  We went on Trax.  It was fun!!!

 Mo and I went on frontrunner and visited the Provo Temple we had not seen close up and reminisced our younger years visiting downtown Provo. A walk down memory lane

on another outing, Mo and I took trax to Temple square and got this beautiful picture.

 From Left to Right, Diane, Carolyn , Kleah, Ray ,Elaine , Maggie and Herb.  Kleah is Leah's daughter and her husband Ray.
The last family member of my Dad's Immediate family has returned home.  Aunt Martha was 99 when she pasted.  Mo and I were able to go to the funeral and see our Cousins some we haven't seen since Childhood.  It was a wonderful reunion and they were surprised to see us and treated us like royalty.  The Kids did a beautiful celebration of their Mom's life.  It was a fun to see them and their families.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Halloween 2017

Cutest little pumpkin was really into this year and older brother was a Joker Jester who was so protective of his sister waiting for her and helping her up the stairs of the many homes we visited. Me Kami, Tatum and Connor had a great evening.  it was good weather.
 scary Jester Connor.  The Kortney and Cody Greene family have had a tradition for many many years to go to Gardner Village to Witchapoloosa and this may very well be their last year. note no costumes this year.  They are just beyond that , I guess.  I can't believe they have young adults left in their kids.  I can't believe it.  LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!

October 2017

 more pictures of Connor , kami and Poppie's Vacation to Disneyland

 He had such a good time while Tatum and I had some fun of our own going to wheeler farm, swimming and going to parks to play.  We was a sweetheart and Connor got his Disneyland Trip.

we went with Aunt Kortney to her Doc. appointment .

Retired Life Begins

Retired Life Begins

My man and me

My man and me

our family

our family