Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wow What a bang up November and DECEMBER 2018

This was a time never to be repeated... I HOPE.   WE MOVED TO ST. GEORGE, UTAH on Dec. 15th 2018.

So I mentioned we were needing to get out of debt and simplify our lives.  We got an offer on our Home, that sounds simple but it was not.   Anyway, we sold our South Jordan home and had been packing boxes and preparing ourselves emotional and physically to do this.  It was horrendous!!! We hired a Company to move the heavy stuff and we packed and packed and worked so hard.  My knees and back were killing me.  We took tons to DI and gave more away.  All camping gear to Scouts etc etc.  Had Christmas excess on our table and people from the ward came and took what they wanted.  We met the movers in St. George and had them put boxes in garage and Furniture in the house.

We then went back to Utah County, Spent 2 wonderful days helping Lola and Ron which was a sweet experience.  We then headed up to Kortney's where we spent a week with them.  She had put our guest room antiques in her downstairs Bedroom for us which was so kind.  They took some of our other furniture and she hosted Christmas just like she did Thanksgiving.  What an amazing family they are welcoming us in with open arms.  It was a fun and relaxing time .  We took a breather from moving and had good family times.  Kami Hosted us for Christmas Breakfast which was so good.

We then came down and started unpacking which we are still doing and it is Jan.9th.

We are going to love it hear except missing the kids on a more daily schedule.  Kami may be moving down here so that will be nice.

We ended the year celebrating and a really good pizza cafe right by our home which was yummy.

So goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. We know how things can change on a dime so we appreciate every minute.  We need to get back into a good routine with Morris and his exercise but we have been doing so much exercise in other ways.
 This is our new kitchen
 our piano arrived safe and sound
 Too Much Furniture! and so many pictures to decide where to put.  KEEP IT UNCLUTTERED IS MY MOTTO.
 DADS expression when he opened Kami's gift  "Video  of his favorite movie. Napoleon Dynamite"
 We went to Roger and Chris's Christmas Eve a day early to celebrate with them and their family.  So fun!!
 These guys were all troopers as we re-enacted the Nativity.
 More Cookie Fun

 Jared Kristy Mikenly, Gentry and Easton
 Shana Jake and Presley and Hadley and Roger Photo bombing

 So it this an Amazing Grandson, We ARE SO BLESSED
Kortney dressed up Grinchley
 Moving injury.  Oh my poor hands.
 Cute Family with brothers added Brayden and Daxton
 Oh the Singers were spot on
 Sierra Doing Kortney's hair

 Cutest little lamb ever!!!! with her sister lamb
 Decorated cookies and here is a smile we worked hard for

 back to unpacking ug!!!
 Some day we may be organized.  It just feels good to not have a major deadline.
we are so thankful for all our blessings and the miracles of this past year.  We pray that 2019 will bring peace and rest and GOOD HEALTH for ALL.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


So We have had very little action on our home sale and had decided to stay here if that's what was to happen.   We wanted to keep P.C. because it is the only income property we have but we would sell it if we had to , to get out of debt.  Getting out of debt is the main Reason we are doing any of this.

One week ago on the 15th of Nov. we got an offer which we counter-offered we all agreed. So now we are purging, giving away lots of things and lots of stuff and packing and feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  Closing date is set for Dec. 12th so the timing isn't the best but we'll have to make it happen.  I have got a very good plan that I'm using to daily check off.  It all looks good on paper and hopefully we will look back and see that it was a good move.

It  hopefully will all work out for the best.  We are putting our trust in our prayers and inspiration we are feeling .  We will purchase that home in St. George and can live there full time.  We are on the road to becoming debt free and after we sell Dixie Downs.

Our Ward members and ministering angels have been helping us already.  Thank you Layne And Rich Bushell for all your help!!! Giving away all camping gear to scouts and other items for free.

Kortney and Cody HOSTED our Thanksgiving Dinner which was amazing, they did such a good job and we had a good day with our whole family.  Kortney will take our guest room furniture and make us a room that we can stay in when we come up, so that will be nice.  Kami is quite saddened by our exit but hopefully her she can move down soon???  We had Connor and Tatum for a couple of nights right before thanksgiving which was a fun time.

IT's been nice weather to purge and clean but right now it is snowing so welcome winter.  Good for our P.C. rental.

It's going to be very different for us but hopefully better.  I'll let you know.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It's NOVEMBER 2018

Another Halloween in the Books.  Tatum and Connor had a great evening !!!

We have not sold our home and we're trying to be patient but Im afraid we are on the wrong side of a bad market for selling.  The home we want in St. George is not selling either so I guess that is good.  We are kinda in Limbo right now.  Still needing to get out of debt and pouring $ into high interest rate loans.  We will sell PARK CITY after the ski season is done and hopefully sell South Jordan and Dixie Down's and then we'll have enough money to buy anything we want.... Hopefully.  We will just have to wait and see.  Stay Tuned.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


 We went to the Baby blessing of this little cutie, Bennet Chad Cox, it was a beautiful day.
 Tatum's First day of preschool, she is soo ready and really loves it.
 She loves her school and is growing up so fast and is smart as a whip.
 This is her riding her great grandpa's Green horse. She loves it.
 Cute Wyatt and Sarah
 Tatum's new bed that she loves

 preschool fieldtrip
 This is a place in St. George that we would love to buy, Good Price, Brand new, Excellent  floor plan ,very secluded, and private.  Right next door to our Dixie Down's Community.  We have put our South Jordan home on the market and see if we can sell it.  Therefore getting out of debt and downsizing some more.  It is a very scary decision and we will just see if things fall into place.and if they do , it was meant to be and if not , well we will stay up here and try to manage our horrible variable HELOC loans that we took out in order to buy St. George, Graystone and Park City,  Park City is making good money right now and could prove to be a nice nest egg to augment our retirement.  ONLY TIME WILL TELL, we may have missed our opportunity for a sale this time of year and the market is not as good as it once was.  I love this place but it's time to simplify some more, We have lived here for 14 years and out place is beautifully done.  I'm TORN.  Mo is doing good and we have been so blessed.  We are looking forward to many more years together.
This is what Tatum wants to be for halloween,  I have made her costume and her mom made a hat, and I;ll post the real picture when she goes, this little girl looks a lot like Tatum.

Time of Transition and Decisions

We are looking into options because the interest rates are hiking and because we took out a variable HELOC loan to purchase the properties from Dad Told's Trust, we have become in debt.

WE NEED to GET OUT OF DEBT!!!.  While we were in St. George the past month, we came upon a piece of Property right next to Dixie Downs which is a 55 & over community that has built a row of Brand new homes which is the right price , the right square footage and we REALLY REALLY like the Floor plan and Privacy , seclusion  etc.

 We made a decision to put our South Jordan Home on the market and hopefully sell it and buy down there and live permanently.  It is Now Oct. so the timing isn't the best but we will try it.  I am torn because we would have to down size a lot and either sell or DI a lot of our furniture etc etc.  So we will see.  We may loose that Property in St. George before we can sell this. ?????  Only time will tell.
We have lived here for 14 years and love it but it's time to get out of Debt once and for all.

We have been purging clothes and items that and our home looks really nice.  So hard to know what is right.  I will trust in the Powers that be and if it is meant to be, things will work out.  It sure stresses me out.

Morris is doing well but continues with some issues that have changed some things about him.  I am so grateful he has come through as well as he has.

On an other note I will catch up on some pictures and things we have done as we go into fall.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

End of Summer 2018

Yesterday was Kortney's 40 birthday!!! I can't believe it!!! of course , she was working both jobs so we didn't celebrate ..  We did see her for a minute in-between jobs.  Connor has started 6th Grade and Sierra started 10th grade at a new High School, West Jordan, the one her mom is working and she is on the Soft Ball team There.

They are my only grandkids in school right now.  Adyson will be taking college courses and Tatum with start preschool in Sept.

Mo is still getting stronger and stronger and will graduate from cardiac rehab this week.  YEA!!!!

Abbi had their 4th baby, Bennet   Now she has twins , Calvin, Matthew, age 19 months and Anna Rose age 5.  The pictures of the New Baby is down the blog a bit.  These kids are each a miracle and Abbi  and Chad count their blessings even though their lives are really busy right now.
three of the 4 cox kids.
This is Connor ready for 6th Grade.  He is growing up so fast.
Abbi and Baby Bennet Chad Cox
 Tatum loves to run through the sprinklers.
 she has spent lots of time with her "House Cow" at Gardner Village Farm.

 She feeds the sheep, alpaca's and goats and horses and pigs and chicken.  She is a regular farm girl
 had a wonderful Tucker reunion thanks to the Jensen Girls.  Even uncle Owen came what a fun time.
 Back at the Farm for me and Tatum

 splash pad is another favorite summer activity for Tatum
 First Day of High School.  This beautiful Sierra!!!
 Adyson's last day at Smith's Job to another job.  Below is Tatum going on a horse ride.
More farm pictures of this cutie who cannot get enough!! She has horses right out side of her back door in Syracuse and spends lots of time talking to the horses.

This youngest Grandchild is getting so big and grown up.  Talks a mile a minute and is so full of fun dancing and go go go all the time.
 We spent another few days at the Cabin in the Unita's with Kami and her family, So beautiful!!
picking the Mooses Nose , HAHA

This is Connor hanging out at the cabin where the fenced in horse space is.
Poppie and Tatum on the Cabin Patio
Connor riding the 4 wheels
 They went to Dynosaur land in Vernal, Utah
    Cute Baby Bennett Chad Cox.  This baby was a total surprise and was conceived all a natural.

Lola is getting weaker and weaker and it breaks my heart to watch her suffer.  She is pretty much home bound and we try and get down as often as possible.  As I look back it has been a fun summer even though Morris was tied down to Doctor Appointments and Rehab.  We did manage to do some fun things.

We are so grateful for his health and recovery and look at life with a whole new perspective and don't take anything for granted as we go forward loving every minute we have with family and friends.

Retired Life Begins

Retired Life Begins

My man and me

My man and me

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