Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tucker Family

We were in St. George and was able to attend the graveside Ceremony of My Aunt Carla Tucker,
 She is My Mother's Half brother's Wife.  Paul and Carla Had 7 children and they did a beautiful job honoring their Mom.  My Aunt "Non"  LaNon and Mary were there plus Jim Jensen, Becky Hanni and Her Husband Kirk and their Daughter.  Judy and Randy Berg and Charley and LaNell Wright along with Morris and I.   We enjoyed some time with The Berg's and Wrights before the funeral and enjoyed re connecting with cousins we have not seen for a very long time.
 The children of Paul and Carla Tucker, left to right back row: Kim, Travis, Tiffany,
Shawn and Eric.
Front Row: Maria and Tanya.
 They had foster children they also bought into their lives and home
Mary and LaNon.  Mary is the Youngest daughter and LaNon is the 3rd daughter. Owen  and Joyce were not there so out of 7 kids, only 4 remain.  Aunt Non is in her  upper 80's and is going strong.  I have so many fond memories of activities with the Tucker Clan, Camping and Annual Christmas Parties for many many years.   Vivian, Winona, LaNon, Owen, : children of Lola And Hilden Tucker,  Joyce, Paul and Mary children of Roma and Hilden Tucker.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

LET THE SUMMER of 2017 Begin

 Watching Sierra play softball, my oldest and youngest granddaughters .. Tatum and Adyson
 with Cody in the back doing what he's supposed to do.  Watch the game.
 Overlook from Memorial Hill in Midway looking at the Beautiful Heber Valley

 Connor went to Bear Lake with a friend of his and his family memorial day weekend.

 The kids at the SOUTH JORDAN FUN FEST. To Jump into Summer.  He shared a ride with this little girl and I ask him if she was a HOTTIE,  " He said, " NANA, SHE IS ONLY A KID, "  HA HA like what is he.
 But they sure had fun
Connor rode on everything and this was one of the more mild.  He had ball!!!
 Meanwhile Tatum loved playing BIG BALL BOWLING

 This was a little tiny Roller Coaster and the minute it jerked into action Tatum Screamed with terror the whole time... Whoops I guess she wasn't ready for that one.  Look at their Little Red Faces, Yes, it was a hot day.  Look at her trusting face only to be scared senseless.  Adults are so cruel!!!
Didn't get to my parents graves this year but thought a lot about them and all who have passed on. I can't remember if I posted this last year or not but LOVE You  MOM AND DAD and ROGER my baby brother.   Back to the Carnival....
 I tried to make up for it later by putting her on something more her style, this , she loved and waved so cute and smiled the whole time. just missed her face every time.
Our Memorial Day celebration in Midway at the top of Memorial Hill in Beautiful Heber Valley
We had been going to Park City to finish some projects in our Studio up there and enjoyed this time in Midway and then another day we met with our Friends Carol and Al Kartchner at Homestead for lunch and fun visit.  Because of all the moisture we have had this spring and winter, everywhere we  go is so lush and green,  Our trips to and from St. George have been beautiful drives.  I sure love being retired as we come and go and take care of the sick or do whatever is needed.  My First Summer off from work for many many years.  Thank goodness, I didn't work while the kids were little.

My Sister and her lung problems.

 These are her grandkids that she adores and does so much with and for.  Her kids have been there for  her. Kristine came from Vegas and stayed two weeks to help her Dad with Lola and be our constant updater on her condition.  Love this Liston Family.  Hang in there , SIS.
My wonderful sister has had a lung disease for years and years.  She has done everything possible to keep on top of it.  This May she was suffering with issues for a couple of weeks and was being treated by her Doctor's, however she just got worse and was admitted to ICU at Utah Valley Hospital.  Where she was so bad she was about ready to give up.  Infections, Bacterial and fungus and all other lung problems, including pneumonia and a pneumothorax.  Her lungs looked so awful and we were all so worried.  After two weeks of chest tube, breathing treatments, heavy duty meds IV and a feeding tube with Complete O2, she finally  perked up a bit.  This is her after 2 wks and she was still in ICU.  She is such a tiny thing , she was so exhausted and frail and weak. It was Horrible to watch and see her suffer.   Now almost 3 wks post hospital admit she is able to go home with a Hep-lock for
IV infusion therapy twice a day for 5 days before they can do oral meds.

She is my hero and I need her to be well for a lot longer.  My older brother died at 70 and she is only 71 so I can't loose another sibling.  We are only 18 months apart and she has been such a huge part of my life.


Sierra is on the A Team for All Stars Softball.  She is ready for another great season.  Adyson did not try out for All Stars this year.  She is working two jobs and has her heart set on saving enough to buy a new car.  I will send pictures.  Last night was an amazing game and Sierra was so good .  She hit a home run and many other great plays. I'll add pictures as we go.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 2017

It was Connor's Birthday on May 2nd.... HIS 10th  Amazing.  He wanted to go swimming and invited his best friend Colin.  They had a blast!! then we went to his house for pizza and Presents.  IT was a very fun birthday for him.  

The next day, However, he became very sick, and couldn't keep his food down.  or even water.  He was running high on his BSugars but it seemed his pod was delivering insulin ok.  She called her Doc. and they wanted him to go to the ER PCMC.  He was so sick by the time he was there.  I went ahead and checked him in before he arrived so they would be able to take him right in.  They did blood work and he was in DIABETIC KETOASIDOSIS. DKA.  Which is very serious and life threatening.

He had to have IV Insulin and Fluids and was admitted overnight.  I am so sad he has to deal with this horrible disease.  They got him stable and it took him a few days after he got home to catch up cause he slept and slept and slept.  What a way to end his birthday.   I will add pictures to this blog when they come up for downloading.

TODAY is Mother's Day and I think of my Mom and My Mother-in-law,  Both incredible women who sacrificed so much for me and my siblings.  It took me a long time to really appreciate Morris's Mom but it was all because of my immaturity . She became my dear friend at the end of her life which was cut too short.

I am blessed to be a mom, without divine intervention, it would have not happened.   Yesterday my sweet Kortney and Cody invited Mo and Me and Kameron and her family for an amazing feast!!.
Cody did Barbecue ribs and chicken ... the BEST. and Kortney made yummy salads and sides.  They  also gave us a Concert Tickets to see Marie and Donny which i have Always wanted to do.  I am very thankful for our children and grandchildren.   Happy Mother's Day to all.

I got the kindest text from my Niece in Georgia, Audra .. Expressing her love for  me and that I am an Amazing Mom.  Wow that sure made my day.  I have some wonderful nieces that are so good to me.

The flowers below were my mother's Day from Kortney, She prepared a beautiful meal as mentioned with Cody and Meat expert.  She gave us tickets to see Marie and Donny in July at the Sandy concert place outside.   Cant wait.  My girls are so amazing, Kami is always giving us her yummy foods, she makes and massages which are so good for this old body.

Pictures of one Happy 10 year old.  LOVE THIS KID!!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jan, Feb, March April 2017

I think Im really getting into this retired stuff.  We sleep till  when ever we want sometimes, 7:00,9:00 and once in a while 10:00  Ah.....Love It.  Especially when we are in St. George we really sleep in.
So we spent most of Feb. in St. George, came home for a week in March went back down.  When we are there we hike, bike, Morris goes fishing , golfing. and we enjoy the views and. We enjoy the company of the folks down there with pot Lucks, Line Dancing, Firesides etc. etc. it is really a very active community.
 This is where Morris goes fishing with Chuck, Quail Creek toward Hurrican, utah
 This Is Tatum Riding A Horse with her Grandpa Green and Great Grandpa in Bountiful
 Adyson had the great opportunity to go to D.C. with A peer Leadership group from School. We are so proud of this young lady, she is determined, goal oriented and goes after whatever she wants with all she's got, Kinda reminds me of her mom.  She saves money for the important things. Doesn't get caught up in all the social riff raff like some body crazy teenagers do.  We love this beautiful red head sooo much!!
 Adyson and a date , she is such a hunter and seems to find someone who does too.
 Tatum's 3rd Birthday was March 21st, we gave her a scooter.
 She loves to blow out candles
 While Cody and Wyatt were hunting and Adyson was in D.C., Kortney and Sierra came on a road trip to St. George and Vegas.  The girls and I went to Vegas for lots of fun and overnight stay,  We went to a dinner show, wax museum, Body works, and strolled the strip.  Fun Girls time. Love these girls so much.
 Connor wanted to spend his Spring Break in St. George with us.  We took the shuttle down and He played in the park , Went Swimming and more swimming .  It was a fun few days.  Love this young man.

He loves to hike and climb and climb. Beautiful time hiking.

This boy could swim all day every day if he could

 These next few pictures are right in St. George by the train park

 Snow ball plant it reminded me of Memorial day and how Grandma Pyne  put tons of these in buckets to put on the graves.
Nature park off of Dixie Drive not far from our place

This is a hike we took on the west side of Leeds Beautiful place , Beautiful Day.

 These  pictures are taking while climbing West of Leeds, Utah

Ok this is me at 70 not too good but I've seen worse.

 This is in our rock garden just starting to bloom.  We left before it fully Bloomed.

 This is an Agave Artichoke cactus which happens to be in our garden in St. George. Among beautiful rocks.  Hope I can keep it alive.

 A bloom of Beauty among some difficult circumstances , dry ground , thorns and weeds.  A look at real life and how we must continue to bloom no matter the ease or difficulty.  I admire this flower. It gives me pause to think and keep trying and enduring regardless.

THIS  and next group of pictures were taken while we hiked on a trail west of Santa Clara, Utah.

 Love this man . Taking a little breather at the top of an overlook.

 At the top of a beautiful mt. up Santa Clara west hills.

 Silk like hairs all over some of these plants but not all,  I  need to find out what and Why
 Dessert in bloom!!
Tatum kept asking where poppy was so i got his mug and she just stared and stared long enough for me to get my camera.  She said, " There's Poppy" She loves him so much and we love her so much. Sweet little girl who loves to talk and talk and talk.

Retired Life Begins

Retired Life Begins

My man and me

My man and me

our family

our family