Wednesday, August 29, 2018

End of Summer 2018

Yesterday was Kortney's 40 birthday!!! I can't believe it!!! of course , she was working both jobs so we didn't celebrate ..  We did see her for a minute in-between jobs.  Connor has started 6th Grade and Sierra started 10th grade at a new High School, West Jordan, the one her mom is working and she is on the Soft Ball team There.

They are my only grandkids in school right now.  Adyson will be taking college courses and Tatum with start preschool in Sept.

Mo is still getting stronger and stronger and will graduate from cardiac rehab this week.  YEA!!!!

Abbi had their 4th baby, Bennet   Now she has twins , Calvin, Matthew, age 19 months and Anna Rose age 5.  The pictures of the New Baby is down the blog a bit.  These kids are each a miracle and Abbi  and Chad count their blessings even though their lives are really busy right now.
three of the 4 cox kids.
This is Connor ready for 6th Grade.  He is growing up so fast.
Abbi and Baby Bennet Chad Cox
 Tatum loves to run through the sprinklers.
 she has spent lots of time with her "House Cow" at Gardner Village Farm.

 She feeds the sheep, alpaca's and goats and horses and pigs and chicken.  She is a regular farm girl
 had a wonderful Tucker reunion thanks to the Jensen Girls.  Even uncle Owen came what a fun time.
 Back at the Farm for me and Tatum

 splash pad is another favorite summer activity for Tatum
 First Day of High School.  This beautiful Sierra!!!
 Adyson's last day at Smith's Job to another job.  Below is Tatum going on a horse ride.
More farm pictures of this cutie who cannot get enough!! She has horses right out side of her back door in Syracuse and spends lots of time talking to the horses.

This youngest Grandchild is getting so big and grown up.  Talks a mile a minute and is so full of fun dancing and go go go all the time.
 We spent another few days at the Cabin in the Unita's with Kami and her family, So beautiful!!
picking the Mooses Nose , HAHA

This is Connor hanging out at the cabin where the fenced in horse space is.
Poppie and Tatum on the Cabin Patio
Connor riding the 4 wheels
 They went to Dynosaur land in Vernal, Utah
    Cute Baby Bennett Chad Cox.  This baby was a total surprise and was conceived all a natural.

Lola is getting weaker and weaker and it breaks my heart to watch her suffer.  She is pretty much home bound and we try and get down as often as possible.  As I look back it has been a fun summer even though Morris was tied down to Doctor Appointments and Rehab.  We did manage to do some fun things.

We are so grateful for his health and recovery and look at life with a whole new perspective and don't take anything for granted as we go forward loving every minute we have with family and friends.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


 These aren't in order but they all happened this Summer.   Adyson, Sierra and Connor and I got to go to Boondock's cause Connor had free tickets from his Diabetic connections.  Anyway we sure had fun on a Sat. from  9-12  It happened to be perfect temperature and we had a great day.  The only good thing about his Type 1 diabetes.
 These two Cuties are two peas in a pod.  Love them so much.!!!
 This cutie Tatum is such a joy in our lives.  Always keeping us on our at boondocks.
 She got her face painted at a summer fun time her family went to.  She was so distraught cause her mom didn't have a mirror so she could see it.  and was very upset it washed away in the bath.
 We took a brief trip to St. George when Roger and Chris and Family were down there so we hooked up.
 This Beautiful young woman, Graduated from High School Early in January and Walked with her class in June. 2018  She is so smart and so motivated.  It will be fun to watch her life unfold.
 She and her Sister are so close.  It makes my heart happy,  Love them Both.
 Another fun day, this time at the Z00 with Mom Sister Poppie and Nana.  It was fun.
 Like Mom, Like Daughter,  Both have Beautiful , Thick gorgeous hair.
 She is such a doll Love this girl .  She is 4 years old and full of vinegar.
 Wyatt's 22nd Birthday was a good reason to go out and eat.  He is such an amazing young man.  His girl friend, Sarah is a special sweet  girl who we have loved to get to know.

 Sierra on her 15th Birthday with her favorite person in the world,  HER DADDY.
 These Parents are the BEST EVER who continue to make us proud and enjoy being with them whenever possible.  They have made more yummy meals for us that I can't count,  They have been so supportive and loving through these past difficult months with Morris's Health Crisis.
 Sierra's Birthday Lunch at her favorite place Buffalo Wings.
 These cutie pies brought us flowers for no reason, They are so sweet.
 HAPPY DAY, GOT HER LEARNER'S only missed 1 question.  She's ready to DRIVE.
I've been taking her for drives for practice,  EACH time she gets Better.
 Three Greene's on Wyatt's Birthday .... Such a good  example for his Sisters.

 This cutie sitting in front of the washer, Waiting Patiently to get baby Horse, (her favorite!!) all clean and ready to go EVERYWHERE with her.
 Took him a while but finally taught himself to Ride a Bike.  For some reason he has been Terrified of learning so he just decided and DID IT.  See?  You can DO THIS and anything else you want.
Her hair is so long and we hate to cut it in fear it will cut out her natural cur Mamma proud parents.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Recovery Continues one Month to the day of Surgery

June 3rd 2018

Morris ended up being in the hospital nearly 2 wks. minus one day.  The main thing we were waiting for was his Blood thinner meds to stabilize.  They couldn't take out the Heparin IV until his INR readings were stable to go from IV blood thinners to Pill form.

He does not sleep in the hospital an another two weeks was making him crazy from lack of sleep.  Since he has been home, he has had home health care again and will start out patient Cardiac Rehab this week, June 6th.  It has been beautiful weather and we even ran down to St. George again for a minute.  I got lots of cleaning done down there and it happened to be not too hot, in fact really nice down there.  It was hailing and raining up here.   We went down on Thurs. before Memorial Day Monday and came home tues.  It was a nice break and got our car registered and some other things done like picking up his BiPAP cord he left there.

He is still very weak and tired and has some slow brain moments but is making really good progress. We feel so blessed to be at this point and look back wondering how we did it but know it was through the Grace of God and all the angels here and on the other side who have sustained us.

We even went to See "Music Man "with the Dennis and Joanne Smith's.  It was kind of them to invite us.   It was almost too long for Morris but he was a trooper.  We especially liked it cause when We were in Hight School, we perfomed it and it brought back so many fun memories.  Morris played in the orchestra and I helped as a Tigerette. " Good night my someone Goodnight my love"

Adyson graduated from High School, rather Walked with her class, she has been out of HighSchool since January. This made everything official and it was a good day.  Ill post those pictures next time.
 a few days after surgery and smiling with a ton of tubes going everywhere.  Later when he was ready to go home and making the rounds walking.  He said, " Does this IV Pole make my Butt Look BIG"
HAHAHA... Still has his sense of humor.   The day he had to be shocked out of A Fib was quite the experience.  They call it Cardio Conversion but it looks just like the Movies with the paddles being placed, saying Clear!! then wham!!! it was scary to say the least.

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Retired Life Begins

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