Friday, August 18, 2017


 Sierra and Adyson sharing a laugh while in Fairview for the 24th of JULY
 Huge paper hornets next under our deck.  Had to hire and expert to rid of it. plus some smaller ones around the homefront.
 spent a day with Judy and Randy on Antelope Island while they were camping
Tatum Playing with her little cousin Emma on Cory's side.  They moved to Kaysville from Texas.


These Girls have been outstanding!!! Such good sports and really learned how to play as an amazing team.  Sierra Played Catcher and outfield.  She is a strong hitter and it was so fun watching her and her team: hit, catch, throw, slide.  The second to last game 3 of them hit home runs.  INCLUDING OUR SIERRA GIRL.  Such a great experience for them and all who was cheering them on.


Uncle Max and Aunt Martha

Aunt  Martha is the only one left of the Martha and Ivern Pyne Family.
ORLAND, LEAH, ALICE, SAM,MARTHA, MAX and FERN. She turned 99 on Uncle Max's Death Day July 20th 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Uncle Max, age 95 an active healthy farmer father , brother, grandpa, husband... has been like the energizer bunny but like all, his time ran out .  He had a heart attack while working in his yard and was on the ground and couldn't get up.  He had to lay their all night before he was found and taken to the hospital.  That fact makes me so sad that he had to endure this final time.  He lived and was communicating and getting better when he aspirated on something and went down hill from there and died.  JULY 20th 2017.  His funeral was on July 26th.  It was a nice time getting to know more about him especially his time in the Military in the Medical Corps.

He leaves only 1 sibling behind of 7. Aunt Martha Turned 99 on the Day that Max died.  The Time elements continue to be so absolutely crazy.  JUST LISTEN TO THIS....

Terry is uncle Max's only son who happened to loose his wife Sue on the same day that Uncle Max died only later that day.  She had been sick with cancer.  It does not stop there.

 Greg Pyne who is Terry's son and happens to live and work in Georgia with Mike Coleman (Audra's husband, my Niece) has a wife named Melissa who so selflessly offered to be a surrogate mom for Greg's sister and her husband.  She could conceive but not carry the baby.  So her sister-in-law did.
She was do on Aug. 3rd so she couldn't travel to Utah to attend her Husbands Grandfather and mom's funerals.  Sue's funeral was today the day after Max's...... THere's MORE......

During Uncle Max's Funeral, Melissa delivered a healthy baby Boy via C-section because she didn't have any amniotic fluid necessitating the immediate delivery.  The baby's Parents were in Utah where they live and doing funerals. They will fly to Georgia immediately to meet their baby.

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!! there are no coincidences,  Everything is supposed to happen, Timing is in the Lord's hand.
In Sue's Obit it says that she was hoping to meet her (soon to born )newest grandchild.  She met him but only on the other side .  It has been a very difficult time for these families with a happy ending of the new baby via surrogate from his aunt.

Max's oldest daughter, Ann, my life long friend and cousin has been very sick for yrs. and when diagnosed with lung cancer was given 3 months to live and that was 10 years ago.   Her, (Ann's grandson, )was picked up at the air port at 10:30 Am  returning from his Mission in Argentina on the day of Uncle Max's funeral. They barely made it in time.  WOW, WOW WOW.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Victoria, BC end of Alaskan trip

 Beautiful Victoria, never get tired of this place.

ALASKAN CRUISE JUNE 18th-June 28 2017

We went on such a fun little get-a-way which was better.. Because we used free air miles, We got an incredible cruise deal because of last minute booking.   7 days for 499.00 each, couldn't sleep and eat and pay gas if we drove or went another way.  Way to go My MOEY BOY who will do whatever he can to travel on very little money.

We made last minute air fare with air mileage previously earned.  We flew to Seattle and then to Anchorage , Alaska.   Took a beautiful ride to Seward where the port was. This was a 3 hr shuttle through beautiful Alaskan Country.  We got on Holland America Cruise line Sunday on Father's Day. Cruised from Seward to Haines to Juneuo, Ketchican, and then finished in Vancouver, BC.  We took a ferry to Victoria.  We stayed in a $350.00/ night Marriott for nothing cause we had many points and then flew home from Victoria to Seattle (30 min. flight). Then to Utah.  IT was amazing.  Saw beautiful glaciers!  Had only on day of a little rain but other than that we hiked , saw the beauties of this area and had soo much fun,,, The food was amazing our cabin was large and comfortable.

 Below, the only timed it rained while we were out and about. We were prepared and it only rained for an hour and then we spent the rest of the day. with no rain.

Retired Life Begins

Retired Life Begins

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My man and me

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